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TWINS Boxing Trunks #12 are the finest in Boxing apparel; they allow you to display your unique personality while training in Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. Their vibrant colors shine on a satiny surface. Both males and females will find these high quality Boxing Trunks comfortable and durable. They feature a diagonal striped pattern with a large vertical white middle section. They have white tassels on the legs and are yellow, black, and green on the right and yellow, black, and red on the left. Along with hand wraps, Boxing gloves, heavy bags, and terrific looking robes, TWINS Fight Gear can supply you with everything that you might need for an intense MMA workout. These Boxing shorts are made of 100% polyester satin and provide you with a light feel, excellent freedom of movement, and great ventilation. Whether you are new to the Sweet Science, or an experienced veteran; these TWINS Boxing Trunks are the perfect apparel when fighting in the gym against a friend or competing on a national level against a perilous opponent. If your fight goes to the ground or becomes a kick boxing contest, there is no trouble or transition of clothing. Get your TWINS Boxing Trunks today in any one of eleven colorful designs.