Twins Cage Head Gear- Premium Leather w/ Nose and Cheek Guard - Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown

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This Twins Cage Head Gear w/ Nose and Cheek Guard - Premium Leather in Bold Colors, with the steel frame built inside, surrounds the face and provides the ultimate security for the nose and cheek areas. It is designed for full contact sparring; it is especially useful for training when an injuring to the face exists that needs protecting. As to be expected, it holds up to the heavy-duty punishment that world-class Mixed Martial Artists dish out. All Twins products are made with high quality materials and will give you the performance and long-lasting resilience that made Twins FIGHT GEAR a world leader in Fighting Arts equipment. The superior construction and rugged functionality of Twins Head Gear- Premium Leather allows you the confidence of knowing that you are using the best equipment around. Regardless of whether you train in MMA, Muay Thai, western boxing, or traditional karate you will not find Head Gear- Premium Leather better suited to the diversity of your training. Twins FIGHT GEAR is known for an unequaled level of durability and creative aesthetic. All of our Head Gear- Premium Leather are made from 100% leather and top-of-the-line high density padding.