TWINS Cage Head Gear- Premium Leather w/ Nose and Chin Guard - Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Purple

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This TWINS Cage Head Gear w/ Nose and Chin Guard - Premium Leather in Bold Colors features a fully enclosed face with steel nose, cheek, and chin protection, for the highest level of safety. It is excellent for training if an injuring to the face or chin exists and needs protecting, while still allowing you to train and spar. All TWINS products are made with top quality materials; this ensures that their performance, comfort, and durability will be second to none. That is how TWINS FIGHT GEAR became a world leader in Fighting Arts equipment. All of our Head Gear- Premium Leather are made from 100% leather and top quality, high density padding. Whether you train in MMA, Muay Thai, western boxing, or traditional karate the versatility of this Head Gear- Premium Leather makes it an integral piece of your training equipment. The enclosed face and lace up top allows for a balance between security, comfort, and fit.