TWINS Head Gear- Premium Leather w/ Cheek - Green, Brown, Blue, Red, Purple

Twins Special
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This model of TWINS SPECIAL Head Gear w/ Cheek - Premium Leather in Bold Colors is crafted with additional cheek protection. It gives a balance between range-of-vision and security. It is made to stand-up to the rigorous training and competition of world-class Martial Arts fighters. The firm, foam padding and adjustable Velcro chin strap increase safety and provide an equilibrium between comfort and shock absorption. All TWINS SPECIAL Head Gear- Premium Leather is made with only the best materials; you can be assured of its performance and long-lasting resilience. Only the finest products should be expected from TWINS SPECIAL FIGHT GEAR. Regardless of where the main focus of your Fighting Arts training lies, you will not find better quality leather Head Gear- Premium Leather anywhere else; its construction and functionality are unmatched. TWINS SPECIAL sets the standard in the world of MMA. Only TWINS SPECIAL FIGHT GEAR offers MMA products with this degree of variety, design, and creative aesthetic. All of our Head Gear- Premium Leather are made from 100% leather and the finest high density padding.