Twins Special History

twins-special-company-history.jpgTwins Special is among the most famous of internationally renowned brands for Thai boxing gear. Its gear is trusted by professional, amateur and recreational boxers to provide peak performance and protect them from serious injury and is worn by some of the greatest legends of the sport. 


Twins Special is a world-famous, well-known manufacturer of boxing gloves and mixed martial arts equipment. Twins Special manufactures boxing gloves and mixed martial arts equipment under multiple brands, including Twins Special and King Professional. Twins Special is famous for its Velcro wrist boxing gloves that are hand-crafted in Thailand. Twins Special’s boxing gloves are designed to endure years of sparring, elite competition, and training with heavy bags, pads and mitts. In addition to its world-famous boxing gloves, Twins Special is engaged in the manufacture, sale and distribution of shin guards, training gear, head gear, fight wear, and fighting accessories.

Twins Special’s superior design and craftmanship, along with the reputation of Twins Products, enabled it to achieve widespread recognition and fame and made Twins Special one of the most well-known manufacturers of fighting equipment. Today, Twins Special enjoys a very high, unaided awareness rate worldwide. Twins Special is also among the small group of boxing glove manufacturers whose boxing gloves have been approved by the world’s largest sport governing bodies, such as the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the International Boxing Association (“AIBA”), and International Federation of Muaythai Associations (“IFMA”).

Twins Products are distributed and sold to customers through the Twins Special website,, and through authorized retailers. Twins Special also authorizes multiple websites selling fighting equipment to sell Twins Products.