TWINS SPECIAL Synthetic Belly Protector w/ Velcro

Twins Special
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This TWINS SPECIAL Synthetic Belly Pad was made with top global Martial Arts competitors in mind; and the punishment that they put their equipment through. It comes with a Velcro waist closure at the back; this allows for quick transitions from one training scenarios to the next; it also ensure an easy, secure fit. The Belly Pad is ideal for training push kicks, knee strikes, and overall clench training; it can be used in conjunction with punching mitts and kicking pads. As with all TWINS SPECIAL FIGHT GEAR, it will give you the performance and long-lasting durability you would expect from such a legend in the Martial Arts World. Its quality craftsmanship and rugged design are unsurpassed. Whether you are training in Muay Thai, MMA, or traditional karate you will not find a better Belly Pad anywhere else. No one offers Martial Arts equipment that compares with the production quality, functionality, or aesthetic design that TWINS SPECIAL is known for. Our Belly Pads are made from premium synthetic leather and fine, high density padding. Available in Red, Black, and Blue.