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A training shield with multiple handles allowing it to be held in various positions for use in combat training exercises. KEY FEATURES: The built-in curved design of the Training Shield is ideal for strong impacts from round kicks, push kicks, knee strikes, and punches. The top and bottom of the pad‚ striking area are designed specifically for punching. Middle area is composed of materials optimized for full power kicking and knee techniques Rounded edges in the kicking areas reduce potential injury to the kicker. The training shield may be made with a flat or concave striking area. Double-stitching is used as needed to protect seams 6 durable handles (2 on top and bottom edges, 4 on back (2 left and right, 2 top and bottom)). Each handle is secured by two rivets at each end, plus reinforced stitching. Air vents in the top and bottom of the shield release pressure created by forceful impacts. This feature extends the life of the pad by reducing stress to the seams. The pad has four grommets- two on each side, acting as air vents. Made from multiple layers of foam with different density, to improve shock-absorption and safety.